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Where Should You Use Segal Locks?

Apartment or Home Doors

Perfect for supplemental security on interior and exterior apartment doors as well as any residential door where extra protection is desired. Segal interlocking deadbolts are especially effective on wood frame doors to prevent "Jimmying" the door.

Commercial Doors

In areas where risk of abuse is high, the interlocking design of Segal locks is ideal. Commonly used in commercial rear-door applications where extra protection or automatic relocking is desired. Segal locks are most effective when combined with the solid steel cylinder guard plate.

Historic Renovations

For the discriminating decorator trying to satisfy every detail, Segal brass locks carry the same design and attention to security and detail as they did in 1912. They not only provide the turn-of-the-century look and feel, but they offer more protection than a standard deadbolt.

Learn How-To install a Segal Lock by watching the video below.




Our Commitment

Segal Lock Company is dedicated to making high quality security hardware.

With a wide range of surface mounted locks and replacement cylinders available,Segal Locks protect apartments, homes and businesses nationwide.


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Segal Lock Company, is a  PRIME-LINE company.  More Info